Today I'd like to inform you about the clanwars system status. I'm working to release it soon, but until then I'll explain you how will it work.

First of all, you will need a clan, that will be created in-game using commands. The clan owner or admins will be able to invite players to their clan.

Once you have a clan, you can send a clanwar invitation to other clan, and if they accept, both clans will be required to set the line-up.

The game will be configured by the invitation sender and a private game will be created.

When the game finishes, the stats of the clans will be automatically updated at the site (a new one to see the clans).

I do hope you will like it, I'll keep you informed!
A server patch has been installed today to fix some bugs and improve the performance. Also, a balanced lobby system has been installed, so there are actually 2 lobbys. To change between lobbys you can use /server Hub + id
VIP Rank applications are now open! You can apply here
As you all know, we have been doing some (a lot) Beta Tests of the Network in order to fix the bugs may exist. Thanks to this, a lot of bugs are now fixed, and the server is being released Friday 5th of January.

I'll also want to point out that the Store and the Forum threads will be opened the same day the server releases.

We are waiting you all!
Welcome to our site! We are happy to have you here!

If you don't have an account, you can register by simply connecting to our Minecraft Server and using /register email password.

You can use this forums to report hackers/bugs, to ask questions or even suggests ideas you think will be nice!
We are going to post every single announcement here, at our Twitter account, and at our Discord server.

About the release date, it will be soon.