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  1. UnFuggettable
    UnFuggettable Raxh
    Hey man, can your DM me about a rank? :)
  2. Laaaky
    New signature! go and check it out!
  3. RussianSchoolboy
  4. stefsnz
    stefsnz lllibailll
    Hello i want to get moderator rank on sg-mc IGN : sieh47
  5. ArtemzzZ
  6. iHellPanda
    Just a Panda from Hell. Don't worry about me, you should be worried about yourself!
  7. HamdiBeg
    Banned no reason :( help
  8. xEdgar20
    Lo que no te mata te hace más cabrón.
  9. Leolinii_
    Leolinii_ lllibailll
    lllibailll can you give me my rank on the platform please TY! (Moderator)
  10. c6sey
    happy to be apart of this
  11. BlueToch
    Yo, im going for translator, wish me luck ;)
  12. BlueToch
    Just got on sgmc. Hope i`ll be a good guy :3
  13. zAnthonio_
    Hola, Soy zAnthonio_ Actualmente ocupo la posicion N* 39 del HG del servidor SGMC,una oportunidad tener a mcsg casi de vuelta, como antes :D
  14. mojangdata
    mojangdata ImJustAsking_
    Can u help me? I am banned from this server.
    1. mojangdata
  15. mojangdata
  16. mojangdata
  17. mojangdata
  18. HuahwiKun
    I am a moderator, I hope to help you, any problem do not hesitate to tell me what happened.
    1. mojangdata
      sa knka
      Feb 3, 2018
  19. mojangdata
    mojangdata ImJustAsking_
    Do you remember me? :D
    1. ImJustAsking_
      Yes I do! ;)
      Feb 3, 2018
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  20. mojangdata
    mojangdata Raxh
    Raxh doesn't talk to me :/